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Women's Tube Top Print Split Swimsuit Stitching Swimsuit Swimsuit Bikini 


  • A swimsuit to make you more beautiful.

  • You need to be different in the pool, you will be more attractive!

  • Give you the greatest comfort.

  • Swim with you and bathe in the sun.

  • Style: Split swimsuit

  • Size: true size

  • Material: Polyester

Package Content:

  •  1 PC swimsuit

    Size Bust Waist Hip
    S 89-93cm/35.03-36.62'' 67-70cm/36.38-27.56'' 90-94cm/35.43-37.0''
    M 93-97cm/36.62-38.18'' 70-73cm/27.56-28.74'' 94-97cm/37.0-38.18''
    L 97-100cm/38.18-39.38'' 73-76cm/28.74-29.93'' 97-101cm/38.18-39.76
    XL 100-103cm/39.38-40.56'' 76-79cm/29.93-31.10'' 101-105cm/39.76-41.34''

    Size:S Bust:89-93cm/35.03-36.62'' Waist:67-70cm/36.38-27.56'' Hip:90-94cm/35.43-37.0''
    Size:M Bust:93-97cm/36.62-38.18'' Waist:70-73cm/27.56-28.74'' Hip:94-97cm/37.0-38.18''
    Size:L Bust:97-100cm/38.18-39.38'' Waist:73-76cm/28.74-29.93'' Hip:97-101cm/38.18-39.76
    Size:XL Bust:100-103cm/39.38-40.56'' Waist:76-79cm/29.93-31.10'' Hip:101-105cm/39.76-41.34''